Bombardier Transportation Signal, Ltd wins P53-million upgrading contract


Bombardier Transportation Signal, Ltd., a Canadian-based company, has won the P53.37-million contract for the upgrading of Metro Rail Line 3 (MRT) signaling system.

Transportation Secretary Jun Abaya said the upgrade project would improve the reliability and efficiency of the rail system as well as eliminate glitches.

Bombardier will replace the existing local control system called MAN 900 with the more contemporary EBI Screen 900 – a software with the same functionality as MAN 900, but which will allow the use of modern personal computers and fiber optic technology – over the next seven.

The signaling system maintains safe distances between trains and controls their speed: issues with its components may result in less operating trains and in slower travel.

Secretary Abaya said apart from modernizing the software components, this upgrade will also ensure the availability of spare parts needed for the uninterrupted and efficient operation of the metropolis’ busiest rail line.

Within the first month of the contract, Bombardier will provide the required hardware upgrades and software licenses; install, test, and commission support of the new system; carry out the migration of existing data and functions; and train MRT-3 personnel on proper operation and maintenance.

Bombardier holds exclusive proprietary rights to supply new components, as it designed, developed, and implemented the entire MRT-3 signaling system when it was constructed.

Meanwhile, the recently-launched beep cards and the new tap-and-go ticketing system will be activated shortly at all MRT-3 stations to help shorten queuing time for passengers.

The ongoing refurbishment of 12 Schindler-brand escalators is expected to be completed before the year ends, while the rehabilitation of MRT-3 toilets is presently being carried out, with six facilities already open for public use.

Over 7,000 linear meters’ worth of new rails are also set to be installed within the year to replace worn-out tracks in order to ensure safer and smoother rides.