Export earnings up 2.3% to $4.8 billion

Export earnings in July 2013 posted a 2.3 percent growth to $4.83 billion from $4.72 billion recorded in the same period last year.
The National Statistics Office (NSO) reported that on a monthly basis, export earnings grew by 7.7 percent from $4.49 billion posted in June 2013, supported by five major commodities – machinery and transport equipment, woodcrafts and furniture, chemicals, electronic products and cathodes.
The aggregate merchandise exports for the first seven months of 2013 showed a decrease of 3.4 percent from $31.48 billion in 2012 to $30.42 billion in 2013.
Electronic products emerged as the country’s top export with total receipts of $1.893 billion, up by 11.2 percent from $1.702 billion registered in July 2012. 
Semiconductors which comprised 26.1 percent of the total exports, shared the biggest among the major groups of electronic products with export earnings worth $1.261 billion, down by 6.2 percent from $1.344 billion registered in July 2012.
Machinery and Transport Equipment was the second top export earner in July 2013 with export revenue of $516.46 million, up 131.7 percent.
Other manufactures recorded as the country’s third top export with revenue valued at $285.25 million, down by 37.6 percent compared to $457.41 million in same period a year ago.
Ranked fourth in July 2013 and contributing 5.3 percent share to the total export receipts was woodcrafts and furniture with earnings amounting to $255.08 million, up by 44.2 percent from $176.84 million last year.
Chemicals with 3.4 percent share to the total export receipts, ranked fifth with value posted at $165.37 million, up by 22.8 percent from $134.72 million recorded in the same month last year.
Other top exports were other mineral products with export earnings of $156.90 million, down by 21.3 percent; cathodes with export receipts of $140.59 million; articles of apparel and clothing accessories with earnings at $122.81 million, down by 19.5 percent; ignition wiring set with export earnings of $114.05 million, losing by 16.6 percent and coconut oil with total receipts of $113.87 million slightly down by 0.9 percent compared to same period in 2012.