Philippines enjoys favorable investor sentiment

The Philippines is enjoying a favorable investor sentiment like most of the Asian countries, according to the latest Manulife Investor Sentiment Index (Manulife ISI).
Investor sentiment is running high in the Philippines on the heels of its investment upgrade by Fitch and Standard & Poor’s and strong economic growth despite the sluggish global economic environment.
“The local macroeconomic environment remains supportive of an uptrend of the investment and credit cycle given low interest rates and favorable consumer and business confidence,” said Aira Gaspar, chief investment officer, Manulife Philippines.
“While the Philippines is not immune to shifts in risk sentiment, swings in global liquidity flows are not expected to undermine the structural factors that underpin the nation’s positive growth prospects,” said Gaspar.
Indren Naidoo, President and CEO of Manulife Philippines noted that the Philippine economy continues to expand despite difficult global economic conditions.
“As more and more investors come to appreciate the Philippines’ solid economic fundamentals, the demand for investment solutions that benefit from the resiliency of the local economy is likely to grow.”
Amid this strong investor sentiment backdrop, Manulife Philippines introduced two new peso-denominated variable unit-linked investment funds: the MANULIFE Peso Dynamic Allocation Fund and the MANULIFE Peso Balanced Fund, which represent new opportunities for diversification for investors that have the ability and willingness to take on the blended benefits and risks of investing in Philippine fixed income and equity strategies.
The new funds seek to achieve long-term capital growth through investment in diversified portfolios of peso-denominated fixed income securities, securities listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange and pooled funds that invest in these securities and other liquid fixed income instruments.
“The Philippine growth story has certainly opened a lot of exciting opportunities for investors looking to optimize their return on investment,” said Naidoo.
“Manulife’s wide variety of professionally managed variable unit-linked investment funds provides investors with investment options that have the potential to yield optimal medium- to long-term gains while also matching their risk and return objectives,” he added.