Furniture industry adopts customer-oriented strategy

The Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines (CFIP) has adopted a new strategy to attract more buyers in a bid to achieve its 15 percent growth target over the next few years.

CIFP president Nicolaas de Lange said the CFIP would employ a customer-oriented and market-focused approach in selling their products.

“It is really a more focused type of selling rather than a shotgun approach.The Philippines has always been in developing products which are generic. We will study products that are specific to a particular market in terms of style, size and price.”

De Lange said they will gather market intelligence themselves rather than just relying on trade attaches.
“Part of the program we have with the government is that when we penetrate a market, we go there in the first year, study and bring back the data,” he noted.
He added that furniture makers will then develop products tailored to fit that specific market. They will get back to that country the following year with the products.
De Lange pointed out that industry players will align furniture designs to customer needs in both the local and global markets.
In going global, they will focus on Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) market while continue serving the traditional United States market.
“The US is showing some signs of recovery. I think the US will allow us to achieve that potential growth as well as the other key markets,” he said.
“By encouraging our members to look at the local market seriously, it will surely give us the volume that will encourage businesses to invest in the factories and hire more people,” he said.
Apart from marketing strategies, the industry roadmap will focus on three other key development factors: product development, capacity building and advocacy.