Philippine handicrafts eye 10% growth in 2012

The Philippine Chamber of Handicraft Industries, Inc. (PCHI) is targeting a 10 percent export growth for 2012 as more orders are coming in.
PCHI president Dennis Orlina said that negotiated sales were estimated at $3 million with more sales booked from quality and new foreign buyers.

The United States and Europe remained the biggest buyers of Philippine products. A few of these buyers came from Germany and Netherlands.

Orlina said an aggressive ten percent growth in 2012 from 2011’s estimated $80 to $90-million revenues is attainable.

The local market could grow along with the global handicraft market which is rising eight to 12 percent a year.

However, industry players need to undertake various strategies to become cost competitive and realize target growth.

“We are looking at alternative avenues and the possibility of relocating in some areas where we can get cheaper operational expense,” he said.

To lower transport costs, Orlina said it is imperative for the country to harness its alternative energy resources.

He added other fuel options like the liquefied petroleum gasoline (LPG) should be also considered to reduce inter-island and land freight.

Orlina also underscored the importance of strengthening the value chain which is a critical link in the development of handicraft industry.