Chile offers huge business for Filipino exporters

The Chilean market offers huge business opportunities for Filipino exporters, particularly those manufacturing food and hand-made products.  

Alejandro Yarad, one of the founders of a Chilean-Filipino Council in Santiago, stressed that Chile is a country full of opportunities not only for the Chileans but for Filipinos as well.

Yarad said the main Philippine exports to Chile include sulfuric acid, computer and communication equipments, clothing, pineapple juice, dried coconut, and fishing nets.

Other products that could hit the Chilean market are furniture, textile, finished goods and those unique to the Philippines like handicraft and handmade goods.

“The idea is to get products with the best competitive advantage manufactured in countries we exchange. If we are good in wines, you are good in handicraft, clothing. We need to get the best of each country,” he added.

Yarad said the Santiago-based council will determine other goods the Philippines could offer to Chile.

“Chilean people are not aware how rich and capable the Filipino people. The Philippines don’t know much about the Chileans other than the earthquake and the miners,” he noted.

Yarad stressed that Chile is a huge market with its economy growing by five to seven percent every year.

“Chile is an open economy with no regulation. There is a lot of transparency for doing business with Chile,” he added.


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