Labor strikes down 12%

The number of  labor strikes in the Philippines  has dropped by 12 percent to 199 this year compared to 225 cases filed during the same period in 2009. 

The National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) said the number of workers involved in the notices of strikes also decliend by 7 percent to  to 43,936.

NCMB executive director Reynaldo Ubaldo said that with 49 cases pending from last year, the notice of strike cases handled during the period totaled 248, adding that of the 199 cases received since January, 149 raised unfair labor practice (ULP) issues while 46 invoked bargaining deadlock (BD). 

The NCMB report showed that 204 of the 248 notices of strike handled since January had been disposed for an 82% disposition rate, four percentage points higher than the figure last year.

The board likewise settled 73% or 179 cases, seven percentage points higher than the figure last year.

 Ubaldo said cumulative collective bargaining agreement (CBA) economic benefits resulting from settlement of BD cases totaled P894 million benefiting 5,254 workers. 

Separation and restitution packages amounting to P11 million also benefited 1,653 workers.

 Th NCMB took an average of 53 days to settle a strike notice during the reporting period, adding that as of September 15, 2010, 44 notices of strike remain the subject of on-going conciliation-mediation.