Nestle Phils. invests more in environmental projects

Nestle Philippines, a manufacturer of brand food products and beverages, continues to make substantial environmental investments through its greening the supply chain (GSC) program.
Engineer Renato Alvarado, Nestle’s Corporate Safety, Health and Environmental Executive, said the program involves a company trying to influence its suppliers, vendors and other business partners to improve their level of environmental performance.

“This ensures the continuous improvement of environmental performance throughout the supply chain, from producing and purchasing of raw materials, to manufacturing, packaging, distribution and finally to the consumer,” said Alvarado.

He explained that the GSC program requires implementation of measures to reduce water consumption and energy efficiency initiatives.

Nestle has also made substantial investments for its waste water treatment, solid waste disposal and solid waste segregation.

To ensure the program’s effective implementation, Alvarado said they also provide free education on environmental management system and a forum for exchanging best practices for business partners.   
The firm also make available to them customized assistance such as initial environmental reviews and follow-up visits.

“Environmental protection is a responsibility. Nestle promotes activities which help establish awareness on the importance of environmental protection, transforming this awareness to conviction and sustainable actions among its employees, business partners and other stakeholders not only in business but even on personal level,” Alvarado added.