From a government employee to a successful real estate CEO

He ventured into real estate selling in 1990 while working as a government employee.  Friends call him Billy.

His motivation was to augment his income to support a growing family. “I did real estate selling on a part-time basis, selling to my prospects after the regular office hours and during weekends.”

Billy realized that he was earning more from this part-time work which encouraged him to pursue real estate selling as his full-time job.

He immersed himself into his new-found career.  “I saw it as a very good vehicle for my personal development. It honed my selling prowess and my interpersonal skills as well. Every consummated sale enhanced my self-esteem.”

“The job also gave me the chance to help more people realize their dream houses, and make good real estate investments. All these further motivated me to make real estate selling as my main business until today.”

As president of Green Circle Realty, Billy is motivated to provide affordable quality homes to more Filipino families.

“It is also my motivation to develop more enterprising individuals to become first-rate real estate sales professionals and entrepreneurs by sharing with them my years of experience and expertise in the business.”

He found so much self-fulfillment in doing this business because it gives him the chance to do public service.

“It gives me a great feeling that I take part in addressing the shelter needs of our ordinary wage earners, and in providing income opportunities to common people longing to enjoy a more comfortable life.”

Green Circle Realty’s objectives are to provide affordable quality homes to the average income earners and a decent and lucrative income opportunity for the enterprising individuals who want to upgrade their lifestyles.

“We want to help in addressing the country’s current housing backlog which is estimated at 3.7 million, and the housing demand that keeps on growing every year.”

President, Green Circle Realty