PAL waives rebooking penalty issued to Hong Kong tourists

Philippine Airlines (PAL) is waiving the rebooking penalty on tickets issued in Hong Kong for those intending to fly back ahead of schedule, as a result of the travel advisory issued by Hong Kong authorities.

Visiting Hong Kong nationals who are heeding the travel advisory will not be penalized with any pertinent fees or charges when they present their tickets for rebooking or taking an earlier flight back to Hong Kong. Tickets must have been issued in Hong Kong.

PAL said that tickets may be rebooked by calling PAL’s 24-hour hotline 855-8888 or visiting any PAL ticket office in Metro Manila or provincial stations.

Earlier, PAL offered complimentary round-trip tickets for the relatives of those killed or injured at Monday’s tragic hijacking of a tourist bus in Manila. PAL will provide two priority tickets for the relatives of every victim.

Dina Mae Flores, PAL’s country manager in Hongkong, will facilitate any request for the free tickets from the victims’ families who must be able to show proof of relations to the victims.