NEDA cites importance of public-private partnership

The Philippine National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) has underscored the importance of public-private Partnerships (PPPs) as a mechanism that can address the financial needs of infrastructure and services of national and local governments.

“NEDA views PPPs as an alternative way for local government units (LGUs) to effectively and efficiently deliver basic services,” said Socioeconomic Planning Sec. Cayetano Paderanga Jr. in a recent meeting with NEDA regional officials.

Sec. Paderanga said that NEDA will provide a checklist or template to help LGUs get into PPP-type arrangements in delivering basic services.

“With LGUs being at the forefront in local development, it is important that the options available for the implementation and financing of local initiatives are clear to them,” he said.

Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III, in his State of the Nation Address, identified PPPs as a strategy to finance government projects like infrastructure and basic services through the assistance of the private

Paderanga also stressed the need to link  multimodal transport systems among identified growth centers in the regions that could facilitate PPP projects in the areas.

“Addressing transportation gaps and completing the whole transport infrastructure towards these centers should be prioritized as these will help lessen the cost of doing business in the country,” he explained.

Multimodal transport systems involve air, sea and road transportation modes within and between islands of the country.

“It is important that the LGUs have already pre-identified projects for PPP, so that the more transparent solicited mode of procurement will be undertaken,” Paderanga said.

NEDA is also currently crafting a National Transport Plan that will give policy directions for a complete network of transport infrastructure that will ease economic integration between and among regional growth centers.

“In the long run, it will open up areas in the periphery to economic activities and promote development in more vicinities of the country,” Paderanga added.