Skills needed for Philippine industries

The government has identified the skills needed by industries in the next 10 years, which will be relevant in the country’s efforts to mitigate local unemployment and consistent with Pres. Benigno Aquino’s 22-point agenda to reinvigorate labor and employment.
Labor and Employment Sec. Rosalinda Baldoz said the government is initiating concrete measures to pursue the objectives of the study, and set the appropriate foundation towards a job-friendly economy that is equipped with the capacity to mitigate brain drain and the challenge of mismatch in the jobs available in industryies.
The results of the breakthrough and pioneering study, called “Project Jobs Fit,” has been reviewed and found of practical merit and significance in the political and administrative shift, said Sec. Baldoz.

Baldoz noted that the Project Jobs Fit has pinpointed the country’s key employment generators (KEGS) —  those sectors identified as “having the potential for absorbing the greatest number of the Philippine workforce” in the next 10 years.

These sectors include agribusiness, cyberservices, health and wellness, hotel, restaurant and tourism, mining, construction, banking and finance, manufacturing, ownership dwellings and real estate, transport and logistics, wholesale and retail trade.

The study also identified the need to buttress the four emerging industries expected to reinforce employment opportunities in the next 10 years, namely creative industries, diversified/strategic farming and fishing, power and utilities, and renewable energy.  

The DOLE study likewise identified some 108 in-demand, hard-to-fill occupations across all of the economy’s key employment generators and emerging industries until 2020, Baldoz said.

“We will build the environment necessary to cultivate workers’ skills and employability in approaching these hard-to fill jobs and ensuring the growth of our main employment generators now and in the future.”

The study was done by the DOLE in an institutional scale, with all its major agencies and offices attending to their employment mandate and lending a hand to effectively approach and resolve the perennial job and skills mismatch and unemployment challenges.