How soon will the global crisis end?

Global stock markets have collapsed, wiping out billions and billions of investments.  The financial crisis has not spared any nation on earth.  Millions of employees and workers have lost their jobs.  Pensioners are broke because their pensions invested in stocks by fund managers were all gone. According to John Plender, author of Investment and the crisis, industry experts said that most of the $85 billion invested in transactions since 2005 had been wiped out.  The Boston consulting Group said potential losses from defaults on leveraged buyout debt could reach $300 billion in a market with $1 trillion of debt outstanding.   How will this affect the ordinary man in the street?  Well, for one thing, there is not much demand and could possibly trigger reduction in prices of essential items.  While banks would be hesitant to lend money, businesses are likely to shut down because they could not make money without the demand.  Maybe for the rich people, it would hardly affect them at least.  How about you, what do you think about the current crisis? Did it affect you? Or just ignore it.