Black & White Movement condemns kidnapping

The Black & White Movement condemns the kidnapping of ABS-CBN Senior Reporter Ces Orena Drilon, ABS-CBN News cameraman Jimmy Encarnacion, assistant cameraman and driver, Angel Valderama, and Octavio Dinampo, president of the Mindanao People’s Caucus.  We appeal to their captors for their unconditional release.

Nothing positive can be gained from acts such as this.  The taking of hostages further endangers the deteriorating peace situation in Mindanao and hinders the progress toward harmony.

We urge all government agencies concerned to exert all efforts to ensure the protection and safe homecoming of Ces, Jimmy, Angel and Octavio, but also, to resist the lovers of war.

Many of us know Ces and Octavio personally.  Ces has interviewed and consulted on several news stories, while Octavio has worked side by side with those of us working in the NGO community and peace efforts.

Our hearts go out to their families, we pray for them as we can only imagine the tension and fear that grip their hearts.  We commiserate with their friends and colleagues and we continue to pray for the speedy yet peaceful resolution of this crisis.