Unresolved issues at MAMC

What are the issues involve at MAMC that remains unresolved:

1. Installation of non-SDA as officers in MAMC, Example: VPMA, Dr. Archie La Madrid

2. Abominable foods served in MAMC – usually this happens with the family of the La Madrid. It could not have been a problem, but since MAMC is a church run institution then it becomes important that food served in any conferences must be observed in the light of adventists belief and faith.

3. The Anesthesia Group Practice – authored again by the La Madrids, the wife being the head of the Anesthesia Dept. who is not also an adventist. A surgeon cannot choose an anesthesiologist, but whoever is on decked would be the one to serve as anesth. According to the COO, they were made to understand in the presentation that they can choose an anesth, and the only time the one on deck will serve the patients is when it is okay for that surgeon or attending physician to have any anesth on duty. Why is it like that? Ask Dr. MAcaya and Dr.La Madrid. Previous to this AG (Anesth Group) as they call it, any surgeon is free to choose and the arrangement financially also is that 70% goes to the doctor but 30% goes to the hosp. Right now with AG, 80% goes to the doctors and 20% to the hospital, making it disadvantageous for the hospital now. 40% of the 80% will be shared equally among all anesth every month adn the 40% becomes pool money where it is not audited by the hosp, and where the source for paying the residents monthly stipend would be taken. That is big considering that the 40% comes from all procedures done in a month. Who audit that money? MAMC admin has no longer hold for that share of money. Is this good practice? Well, it favors the La Madrids so it must be good for them but not good for amost MAMC doctors. So that right now, surgeons would usually admit their patients in St Claire and MCM where they can get all their PFs. But why would Macaya permits it? He has no choice. Dr. Archie La Madrid is so powerful his only choice is to follow him. If you dont follow Dr. La Madrid, you will be like me, terminated and harrassed that even entering the hospital would be prevented by security guards and police officers and you would even be shouted with profane words by Dr. Archie La Madrid. Guess who are exempted here inspite of the rigid enforcement of this AG practice? Ask Dr. Macaya. Usually those close to him.

4. Expired anesthesia medicines that was not appropriately corrected by Dr. Macaya.

5. Rampant drug rebates that previously was arranged in such a way that those money should go to the hospital. Problem is, the rebates is named after Dr. Macaya according to the GCAS officer. Even though initially, to be fair with Dr. Macaya, he would usually make another check equal to that which was given to him by the drug companies. But who would know how many was given and how many was made a check in favor of MAMC. Business ethics dictates that it must not be accepted— a statement coming from a friend of mine who is not even an adventist who finished MBA at AIMS. As Adventists. we maintain the highest sense of ethical practice.

6. Drug costs is 150% marked up in MAMC. IN fact, most HMOs complained that their allotment for patients cannot be sustained at MAMC because of the high room rates, lab rates and medicine rates. Surprisingly, Asian Hospital is relatively cheaper than MAMC, in terms of room rates, and medicine rates.

7. Illegal dismissal, termination and eviction of MAMC doctors like Dr. Osorio, Dr. Pozon, Dr. Manuel, Dr Gensolin and the latest is me without due process and justice. In my case, i was made to appear that i made certain violations but when i asked for the documents of the violation, they didnt give it to me as they said, it is confidential. How can it be confidential when i am the one involved? So that according to their legal counsel, i am now terminated because of the expiration of my contract. For almost 7 years of my stay at MAMC, i was terminated because of the expiration of my contract? And since no justice has been served, they asked security guards, police officers to prevent me from entering the hospital, treating me like a criminal committing a heinous crime. How can an adventist institution do that? But it happened anyway.

8. Checks payable to us doctors with our name on it was deposited in favor of MAMC account in PNB Escolta Branch even without our endorsement. How is that possible? I dont know. Asked Dr. Macaya? But the Central Bank does not allow such practice. Would you allow checks named after you to be deposited to someone else’s account without your endorsement and knowledge?

9. Morbidity and Mortality in the operating rooms without any medical explanation. And these are elective procedures. How can that happen? Ask Dr. LA Madrid and Dr. Macaya. They will explain to you i hope.

10. Dr. La Madrid being the most powerful doctor at MAMC heads the following depts: Credentials Committee, Ethics Committee, AdCOM, MEC, initially Therapeutics but then given to his wife. He practically control all affairs of the hospital more than Dr.Macaya. Why? I also dont know. Ask them why.

11. Three different identities of Dr. Bibly Macaya on a public document. Why? Ask Dr. Macaya.

12. Wage factor issues of MAMC. Only those at 80% enjoys full medical, educational and housing benefits. Most of those at 80% are officers of MAMC. What about the lowly members of MAMC. This according to them was imposed by SSD. Because of this, slowly some workers are contemplating to leave MAMC. They cannot sustain their needs anymore with what they are getting from their salary. In fact, they are still asked to donate from 2% to 8% of their monthly salary to MAMC. For what purpose? To buy the lot next to MAMC which until now has not been consummated. Pity for these workers who have no choice. They are willing to sacrifice since it is an adventist institution, but why are we adding burdens to what seemed to be a difficult situation already.

13. Professional fees of doctors that cannot be accounted. Not all PFs reached the hands of those hardworking doctors. In fact, this is the reason why Dr. Pozon and Dr. Gensolin were removed. They were only asking for their PFs since 1992 amounting to about 5 million and about 12 million respectively, but instead they were removed and even told that they are robbers robbing the money of MAMC. How can you be a robber when you are just asking for what is due you? Until now, some PFs cannot still reached us.

14. Indigent patients requesting for sponsorship from PCSO were told that doctors fees are not covered by PCSO. But why were we able to get a document from PCSO that even PFs are paid by PCSO? Where are those PFs now added to the sum of the money being paid by the PCSO? Who is benefitting from them? Ask Dr. Macaya and his VP for finance Vilma Lumalang all about that.

15. The questionable status of Don Weidemann serving as the chair of the Adventist health Services Asia (AHSA). He has been working for so many years without an alien employment permit (AEP) but recently only was it granted. If you would like to know how it happened. Ask Dr. Pozon, who was also removed and who knows how AEP was given to Don Weidemann eventually. The presence of Don Weidemann has rocked the boat of the entire hospital governance under SSD—the irregularities in Iligan San and Hospital and MAMC. His promise to let Dr. Bibly MAcaya be the president as long as he wants. He gave Dr. Macaya three different compensation which is not present in the previous administration namely, a salaried physician (80,000.00 per month), a modified fee for service meaning he can admit patient under his service and gets 70% of his share which is not previously practice if you are the president and he can also practice in other nearby hospitals like Manila Doctors Hospital and gets your full PFs. This has enlarged the capacity of Macaya to rein his power with abuse of authority and power. removing left and right colleagues and threatening others as well that anybody will be removed once you dont comply to their wishes as what happens to me. Before i was removed, he warned me that if i dont comply to him, my privileges at MAMC will be removed. He made good his promise to removed me. Thanks to him. AHSA was initially built to prevent what is happening right now in all hospitals under AHSA except for VAlencia Hospital in Bukidnon. AHSA is for service not for control.

16. Shift from a missionary oriented hospitals of all AHSA controlled hospital to commercialism. They are more concerned about the revenue it will get rather than taking care of its  people and its mission to be the right arm of the three angels messages.

17. ISO-certification has resulted to commercialism rather than improving its services. What used to be known for MSH before as the TLC has been diminishing as more patients have gradually noticed the sudden change in the orientation of the hospital. Ideally, for hospitals the accreditation for standard practice is JCIA instead of ISO. In the Philippines, JCIA certification was granted to ST Lukes, Asian, Medical City hospitals.

18. Constant harrassments and threats made by the la madrids to me and to those previously removed even as i am no longer part of MAMC at the present time.

19. Abridged execution of policies in the hospitals without due process. The MAMC BYLaws are not referenced as guidelines in executing due process as what happens to me. No new elections of the Chief of Staff whose tenure is only one year. No conferring of all medical staff meeting which is mandated by the MAMC bylaws. Medical staffs are not even furnished with copies of the MAMC bylaws even as Dr. LA madrid being the VPMA promised to give us before such copies of MAMC Bylaws.

20. Violation of Labor Laws: an employee who owes the hospital because of being admitted in the hospital should not have zeroed their monthly salary but then they did it. Employer should retain some money in the payroll even as the employee owes the hospital.

I could not contain the other issues regarding MAMC. But these which have been aforementioned should give you an objective view of why problems at MAMC occurred. We have aired all these issues about MAMC to Pastor Gulfan being the highest leader in the land for more than a year now, but to no avail. Many feared complaining at MAMC because they have no choice. As they raised these issues as i am raising it now, where else will they go once they lose their livelihood at MAMC? Its a pity that we are held hostage by these leaders who can afford not to act on these issues knowing also that these same employees and doctors at MAMC have nowhere to go should they be terminated. Dr. Macaya has once told me in our conversation that if i dont like his leadership then i should move out and he did really evicted me short of justice and due process. Is this the dynamism of leadership that he has far learned? The only other group that i knew of running this way is MAFIA. Its either you are with the group or you are out.

My beloved adventists, i cannot participate in a system of leadership run this way. I understand Dr. Macaya’s feeling of guiltlessness because anyway, the ministers approved it also being members of the Board of Trustees. But its not the number that counts, its what is right and ethical in the sight of God and man. Upon knowing and understanding all these issues, i hope you have seen a better knowledge of why are things happening at MAMC. Please continue to pray for wisdom that should draw near our leaders. As someone suggested to me that i have no jurisdiction in the spirituality of these people, but as Jeremiah have been threatened by King Zedekiah and still remained faithful, we also should remain steadfast and faithful to the Lord until He comes. This trials have not stopped me from doing good to all—most especially to Dr. Macaya and Dr. La Madrid. Let us all pray for our leaders and yet have the courage to stand for the right though the heavens fall. God bless us all.

Sincerely yours,

Jeimylo C. de Castro, MD


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