Corruption fight at MAMC

My dear fellow adventists worldwide,

This fight about corruption, oppression and harrassment at MAMC is not an easy fight. MAMC and its officers have all the money to pay while we dont have. They have all the connections while we dont have. They have all the power and authority while we dont have. They can afford to pay anyone while we cannot. Our only ally is God and His righteousness. At this point, we have learned to trust God more instead of trusting Pastor Gulfan, Pastor Roque and even Dr. Bibly Macaya who instead of resolving the issues at MAMC has instead terminated us. We cry for justice even though we know it wont come right away. And even though the non-SDA VPMA Dr. Archie La Madrid and his son Dr. Jay La Madrid have been harrassing me every single day especially when i meet them, i have already forgiven them and i dont intend to fight them even though they challenged me for a fist fight last Thursday when the ABS-CBN crew came to do a footage of MAMC.

From this time on, i just need you all to watch out. Watch out for the TV investigative presentation of all the issues at MAMC to which Pastor Gulfan and our respectable leaders failed to address but instead has terminated us. We will let you know when its coming, but if it comes right away, we might not be able to inform you anymore, so just watch out. Its just unfortunate that Atty Sumagaysay is not well-informed of all the problems at MAMC and Atty Paguio in contrast seems to know all of them. If given a time Atty Sumagaysay, i would like to meet you so you can see all the complete information of MAMC’s hidden irregularities.

Also, i would like to congratulate Dr. Bibly Macaya for releasing P750.00 for each employee today to cover the incentives for the first 3 months of this year as part of his promise to increase their salaries. I hope you understand the issues that we were raising and not be afraid to face the media. I appreciate however the good work of Atty Paguio and Atty Sumagaysay and they are just fulfilling their job and doing it very well so far. And i should appreciate you this far that indeed they are good legal counsel.

Let me however clarify certain things here–that is, we are not against the adventist church, we are against the corrupt people inside the adventist church, who can afford to terminate people like us, but cannot resolve the issues we were raising. Had our church leaders listened we would not have reached this point being exposed to the media. But then our pleadings just fell on deaf ears and our cries for justice and due process has never been heard. So, probably those people around us can judge us better yet.

I would like to thank you then for your patience and understanding. Your prayers have helped us so much. This experience with MAMC has taught me to be more faithful to the Lord, to give our tithes and offerings to him regardless of how our leaders spend it–we dont care—eventually, they are the ones who will be accountable for all that they have been doing. We may not see the reality of what they are doing at this time but when God comes everything will be revealed to us. We choose God and be in heaven instead of choosing to be rich here and have all the power and aurthority now and get lost later. For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lost his own soul. God bless our leaders as they continue to serve us.


Jeimylo C. de Castro, MD