Trouble at MAMC

Hi Elfrie,

This is the first time that they closed the PT DEpt where i am holding office. It was an order made by the non-SDA VPMA,Dr. Archie La Madrid at the expense of the in-patients who should have been treated at that time. That action marks the intensity of what they wish to do to me and even if they sacrifice the patient but for as long as they can do something to prevent me from entering MAMC, they will do it. In fact, last thursday, i was expecting Bibly to agree to meet me with other leaders to resolve this crises, but he did not, instead, he ordered the guards further to prevent me from entering MAMC. See my story in my other emails. The fact remains that he has no intention of giving me due process.

Anyway, i do not know any information with regards to those persons you mentioned. My father was born in Romblon and my mother from Masbate, but we grew up in LEgaspi City in Albay. I went thru AUP during my premed and presently i am helping AUP start their planned hospital building. I am actively involve in that project because Dr. Saban, as AUP President is honest and is doing great as contrast to Dr. Macaya. But in fairness to Dr. Macaya he started well, but since he allied with the non-SDA VPMA, Dr. Archie La Madrid, things have significantly changed and our mission at MAMC has been lost. It is no longer the right hand of the three angels’ messages. Its a sad state. But anyway, lets all pray for our leaders. We need that very badly. We are still hopeful this is God’s work and God knows best and at the right time, He will act His will on us. God bless you more.