First plastic-bag free in Europe

John Vital, environment editor of The Guardian, wrote about the Modbury, a small West Country town in UK that declared their independence from the plastic bag.  That’s a good start in using non-plastic bag by introducing bags made from corn starch paper. The local retailers have commissioned 2,000 official Modbury bags. Made in Mumbai, India, they will sell for £3.95.

Unresolved issues at MAMC

What are the issues involve at MAMC that remains unresolved:

1. Installation of non-SDA as officers in MAMC, Example: VPMA, Dr. Archie La Madrid

2. Abominable foods served in MAMC – usually this happens with the family of the La Madrid. It could not have been a problem, but since MAMC is a church run institution then it becomes important that food served in any conferences must be observed in the light of adventists belief and faith.

3. The Anesthesia Group Practice – authored again by the La Madrids, the wife being the head of the Anesthesia Dept. who is not also an adventist. A surgeon cannot choose an anesthesiologist, but whoever is on decked would be the one to serve as anesth. According to the COO, they were made to understand in the presentation that they can choose an anesth, and the only time the one on deck will serve the patients is when it is okay for that surgeon or attending physician to have any anesth on duty. Why is it like that? Ask Dr. MAcaya and Dr.La Madrid. Previous to this AG (Anesth Group) as they call it, any surgeon is free to choose and the arrangement financially also is that 70% goes to the doctor but 30% goes to the hosp. Right now with AG, 80% goes to the doctors and 20% to the hospital, making it disadvantageous for the hospital now. 40% of the 80% will be shared equally among all anesth every month adn the 40% becomes pool money where it is not audited by the hosp, and where the source for paying the residents monthly stipend would be taken. That is big considering that the 40% comes from all procedures done in a month. Who audit that money? MAMC admin has no longer hold for that share of money. Is this good practice? Well, it favors the La Madrids so it must be good for them but not good for amost MAMC doctors. So that right now, surgeons would usually admit their patients in St Claire and MCM where they can get all their PFs. But why would Macaya permits it? He has no choice. Dr. Archie La Madrid is so powerful his only choice is to follow him. If you dont follow Dr. La Madrid, you will be like me, terminated and harrassed that even entering the hospital would be prevented by security guards and police officers and you would even be shouted with profane words by Dr. Archie La Madrid. Guess who are exempted here inspite of the rigid enforcement of this AG practice? Ask Dr. Macaya. Usually those close to him.

4. Expired anesthesia medicines that was not appropriately corrected by Dr. Macaya.

5. Rampant drug rebates that previously was arranged in such a way that those money should go to the hospital. Problem is, the rebates is named after Dr. Macaya according to the GCAS officer. Even though initially, to be fair with Dr. Macaya, he would usually make another check equal to that which was given to him by the drug companies. But who would know how many was given and how many was made a check in favor of MAMC. Business ethics dictates that it must not be accepted— a statement coming from a friend of mine who is not even an adventist who finished MBA at AIMS. As Adventists. we maintain the highest sense of ethical practice.

6. Drug costs is 150% marked up in MAMC. IN fact, most HMOs complained that their allotment for patients cannot be sustained at MAMC because of the high room rates, lab rates and medicine rates. Surprisingly, Asian Hospital is relatively cheaper than MAMC, in terms of room rates, and medicine rates.

7. Illegal dismissal, termination and eviction of MAMC doctors like Dr. Osorio, Dr. Pozon, Dr. Manuel, Dr Gensolin and the latest is me without due process and justice. In my case, i was made to appear that i made certain violations but when i asked for the documents of the violation, they didnt give it to me as they said, it is confidential. How can it be confidential when i am the one involved? So that according to their legal counsel, i am now terminated because of the expiration of my contract. For almost 7 years of my stay at MAMC, i was terminated because of the expiration of my contract? And since no justice has been served, they asked security guards, police officers to prevent me from entering the hospital, treating me like a criminal committing a heinous crime. How can an adventist institution do that? But it happened anyway.

8. Checks payable to us doctors with our name on it was deposited in favor of MAMC account in PNB Escolta Branch even without our endorsement. How is that possible? I dont know. Asked Dr. Macaya? But the Central Bank does not allow such practice. Would you allow checks named after you to be deposited to someone else’s account without your endorsement and knowledge?

9. Morbidity and Mortality in the operating rooms without any medical explanation. And these are elective procedures. How can that happen? Ask Dr. LA Madrid and Dr. Macaya. They will explain to you i hope.

10. Dr. La Madrid being the most powerful doctor at MAMC heads the following depts: Credentials Committee, Ethics Committee, AdCOM, MEC, initially Therapeutics but then given to his wife. He practically control all affairs of the hospital more than Dr.Macaya. Why? I also dont know. Ask them why.

11. Three different identities of Dr. Bibly Macaya on a public document. Why? Ask Dr. Macaya.

12. Wage factor issues of MAMC. Only those at 80% enjoys full medical, educational and housing benefits. Most of those at 80% are officers of MAMC. What about the lowly members of MAMC. This according to them was imposed by SSD. Because of this, slowly some workers are contemplating to leave MAMC. They cannot sustain their needs anymore with what they are getting from their salary. In fact, they are still asked to donate from 2% to 8% of their monthly salary to MAMC. For what purpose? To buy the lot next to MAMC which until now has not been consummated. Pity for these workers who have no choice. They are willing to sacrifice since it is an adventist institution, but why are we adding burdens to what seemed to be a difficult situation already.

13. Professional fees of doctors that cannot be accounted. Not all PFs reached the hands of those hardworking doctors. In fact, this is the reason why Dr. Pozon and Dr. Gensolin were removed. They were only asking for their PFs since 1992 amounting to about 5 million and about 12 million respectively, but instead they were removed and even told that they are robbers robbing the money of MAMC. How can you be a robber when you are just asking for what is due you? Until now, some PFs cannot still reached us.

14. Indigent patients requesting for sponsorship from PCSO were told that doctors fees are not covered by PCSO. But why were we able to get a document from PCSO that even PFs are paid by PCSO? Where are those PFs now added to the sum of the money being paid by the PCSO? Who is benefitting from them? Ask Dr. Macaya and his VP for finance Vilma Lumalang all about that.

15. The questionable status of Don Weidemann serving as the chair of the Adventist health Services Asia (AHSA). He has been working for so many years without an alien employment permit (AEP) but recently only was it granted. If you would like to know how it happened. Ask Dr. Pozon, who was also removed and who knows how AEP was given to Don Weidemann eventually. The presence of Don Weidemann has rocked the boat of the entire hospital governance under SSD—the irregularities in Iligan San and Hospital and MAMC. His promise to let Dr. Bibly MAcaya be the president as long as he wants. He gave Dr. Macaya three different compensation which is not present in the previous administration namely, a salaried physician (80,000.00 per month), a modified fee for service meaning he can admit patient under his service and gets 70% of his share which is not previously practice if you are the president and he can also practice in other nearby hospitals like Manila Doctors Hospital and gets your full PFs. This has enlarged the capacity of Macaya to rein his power with abuse of authority and power. removing left and right colleagues and threatening others as well that anybody will be removed once you dont comply to their wishes as what happens to me. Before i was removed, he warned me that if i dont comply to him, my privileges at MAMC will be removed. He made good his promise to removed me. Thanks to him. AHSA was initially built to prevent what is happening right now in all hospitals under AHSA except for VAlencia Hospital in Bukidnon. AHSA is for service not for control.

16. Shift from a missionary oriented hospitals of all AHSA controlled hospital to commercialism. They are more concerned about the revenue it will get rather than taking care of its  people and its mission to be the right arm of the three angels messages.

17. ISO-certification has resulted to commercialism rather than improving its services. What used to be known for MSH before as the TLC has been diminishing as more patients have gradually noticed the sudden change in the orientation of the hospital. Ideally, for hospitals the accreditation for standard practice is JCIA instead of ISO. In the Philippines, JCIA certification was granted to ST Lukes, Asian, Medical City hospitals.

18. Constant harrassments and threats made by the la madrids to me and to those previously removed even as i am no longer part of MAMC at the present time.

19. Abridged execution of policies in the hospitals without due process. The MAMC BYLaws are not referenced as guidelines in executing due process as what happens to me. No new elections of the Chief of Staff whose tenure is only one year. No conferring of all medical staff meeting which is mandated by the MAMC bylaws. Medical staffs are not even furnished with copies of the MAMC bylaws even as Dr. LA madrid being the VPMA promised to give us before such copies of MAMC Bylaws.

20. Violation of Labor Laws: an employee who owes the hospital because of being admitted in the hospital should not have zeroed their monthly salary but then they did it. Employer should retain some money in the payroll even as the employee owes the hospital.

I could not contain the other issues regarding MAMC. But these which have been aforementioned should give you an objective view of why problems at MAMC occurred. We have aired all these issues about MAMC to Pastor Gulfan being the highest leader in the land for more than a year now, but to no avail. Many feared complaining at MAMC because they have no choice. As they raised these issues as i am raising it now, where else will they go once they lose their livelihood at MAMC? Its a pity that we are held hostage by these leaders who can afford not to act on these issues knowing also that these same employees and doctors at MAMC have nowhere to go should they be terminated. Dr. Macaya has once told me in our conversation that if i dont like his leadership then i should move out and he did really evicted me short of justice and due process. Is this the dynamism of leadership that he has far learned? The only other group that i knew of running this way is MAFIA. Its either you are with the group or you are out.

My beloved adventists, i cannot participate in a system of leadership run this way. I understand Dr. Macaya’s feeling of guiltlessness because anyway, the ministers approved it also being members of the Board of Trustees. But its not the number that counts, its what is right and ethical in the sight of God and man. Upon knowing and understanding all these issues, i hope you have seen a better knowledge of why are things happening at MAMC. Please continue to pray for wisdom that should draw near our leaders. As someone suggested to me that i have no jurisdiction in the spirituality of these people, but as Jeremiah have been threatened by King Zedekiah and still remained faithful, we also should remain steadfast and faithful to the Lord until He comes. This trials have not stopped me from doing good to all—most especially to Dr. Macaya and Dr. La Madrid. Let us all pray for our leaders and yet have the courage to stand for the right though the heavens fall. God bless us all.

Sincerely yours,

Jeimylo C. de Castro, MD

Corruption fight at MAMC

My dear fellow adventists worldwide,

This fight about corruption, oppression and harrassment at MAMC is not an easy fight. MAMC and its officers have all the money to pay while we dont have. They have all the connections while we dont have. They have all the power and authority while we dont have. They can afford to pay anyone while we cannot. Our only ally is God and His righteousness. At this point, we have learned to trust God more instead of trusting Pastor Gulfan, Pastor Roque and even Dr. Bibly Macaya who instead of resolving the issues at MAMC has instead terminated us. We cry for justice even though we know it wont come right away. And even though the non-SDA VPMA Dr. Archie La Madrid and his son Dr. Jay La Madrid have been harrassing me every single day especially when i meet them, i have already forgiven them and i dont intend to fight them even though they challenged me for a fist fight last Thursday when the ABS-CBN crew came to do a footage of MAMC.

From this time on, i just need you all to watch out. Watch out for the TV investigative presentation of all the issues at MAMC to which Pastor Gulfan and our respectable leaders failed to address but instead has terminated us. We will let you know when its coming, but if it comes right away, we might not be able to inform you anymore, so just watch out. Its just unfortunate that Atty Sumagaysay is not well-informed of all the problems at MAMC and Atty Paguio in contrast seems to know all of them. If given a time Atty Sumagaysay, i would like to meet you so you can see all the complete information of MAMC’s hidden irregularities.

Also, i would like to congratulate Dr. Bibly Macaya for releasing P750.00 for each employee today to cover the incentives for the first 3 months of this year as part of his promise to increase their salaries. I hope you understand the issues that we were raising and not be afraid to face the media. I appreciate however the good work of Atty Paguio and Atty Sumagaysay and they are just fulfilling their job and doing it very well so far. And i should appreciate you this far that indeed they are good legal counsel.

Let me however clarify certain things here–that is, we are not against the adventist church, we are against the corrupt people inside the adventist church, who can afford to terminate people like us, but cannot resolve the issues we were raising. Had our church leaders listened we would not have reached this point being exposed to the media. But then our pleadings just fell on deaf ears and our cries for justice and due process has never been heard. So, probably those people around us can judge us better yet.

I would like to thank you then for your patience and understanding. Your prayers have helped us so much. This experience with MAMC has taught me to be more faithful to the Lord, to give our tithes and offerings to him regardless of how our leaders spend it–we dont care—eventually, they are the ones who will be accountable for all that they have been doing. We may not see the reality of what they are doing at this time but when God comes everything will be revealed to us. We choose God and be in heaven instead of choosing to be rich here and have all the power and aurthority now and get lost later. For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lost his own soul. God bless our leaders as they continue to serve us.


Jeimylo C. de Castro, MD

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New PhilNITS certified IT professionals

            A total of 125 IT professionals passed the 9th Fundamentals of IT Engineers (FE) certification exams given by the Philippine National IT Standards Foundation (PhilNITS) last April 1, 2007.
            PhilNITS president Maricor Akol said that the passing rate was 26 percent out of the 484 examinees who took the tests, the highest so far since the exams started in 2002.
            Akol who is also chairperson of the seven-nation IT Professional Examination Council (ITPEC) said the result of the certification exams was unprecedented and could be the highest passing rate in the ITPEC member-countries composed of the Philippines, Maynmar, Malaysia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan.
           Those who passed the exams were Alexander Macainag, Jason Mejorada,  Mary Ann Ylanan, Jeric Mark Calamba, Kerwin John Kho, Rogelio Francis Cruz Jr., Noel Saracanlao, Aldion Rueblos, Giselle Catan, Virgil Taneza, Jefty Negapatan,   Reynie Mahilum, Greg Michael Meneses, Abba Tolibas, Roderick Satina, Christian Relacion, Grace Bautista, Klifford Manto, Raymon Rizada, Lordy Licayan, Lemuel Montejo, Laarni Miranda, Jerwine Badiang, Noie Aum, Daniel Bayog, Jamila Hojas,   Edgar Aureus, Bernadette Realosa, Romel Reyes, Jasper Leonor, Nadema Ajihil, Michael Echavez, Mauriza Tuazon, Rea Lourdes Mena, Lara Mia Dunuan, Gerry Omana, Alexander Felipe, Dexter Del Rosario, Manuel Soriano, Jonathan Guevarra, Roel Mark Hidalgo, Patrick Bryan Tan, John Voltaire Lim, Maria Christina Basbas,   Bren Orbeta, Grace Feraer, John Paul Galang, Yvette Yeung, Laarni Ong, Emmanuel Rodriguez, John Mark Mercado, Kristoffer Masajo, Joseph Ronald Declaro, Junard Lebajan, Sophia Coombs, Joseph Edward Gener, Dandi Lou Santos, Marc Glenn Jamon, Ralph Mercado, Joan Wee, Josephus Lopez, Cathy Favorito, Moses Olores, Amaripal   Singh, Mary Ann  Go, Sean Manalili, Charlene Edolsa, Patrick Nino Flores, David Vincent Ang, Prem Rara, Megann Ruth Plaza, Amiel Vincent Arce,  Karen Marie Maligaya, Joshua Un, Joel Cocjin, Ken Nakamura, Carla Gabriela Quiblat, John Gerard Cuenca, Lutherford Sosuan, Raechel Regina Remonte, Florencio Pataleta Jr., Jamie Ann Zamodio, Suzanne Rona Bermudez, Marianne Casili, Mary Joy Grace Baltazar, Arlan- Z Escalante, Ledi Angelie De Leon,   Primrose Ferrer, Ronel Navoa, Edixon Yu Jr., Jefferson Kwong, Paul Benedict Bautista, Michael Syson, Luna Dela Cruz, Jocelyn Ong, Valerie Kathy Crisologo,  Aristotle Fabia, Jose Dalino Jr., Dianne Kristine Campos, Leilany Nidea, Belen Velonza, Ernie James Patino, Emmanuel Celiz, John Paul Albeza, Billy Chen, Stray Arthur Jarales, Kenneth Roland Roa, Manuel Adeva Jr., Christian Birondo, Ian Ray Palo, Aaron Alia, Abigail Anne Dizon, Alexander Paul Go, Raymond Navarro,   Jaclyn Tiffanie Tan, Hazel Marinas, John Fulbert Logrono, Beverlyn Lascuna,  Raymund Anthony Beltran, Vyll Roxanne Tinampay, Joseph Manyaga, Ervin Jay Saguin, Melvin Tezon, Felix Jorge Ungui, and Mahalia Apale.

End of MAMC trouble?

Dear Pastor Gulfan, pastor Roque, Dr. Bibly Macaya, all leaders of the SDA church, and the entire adventist worldwide,

This morning as was reported last week, Dr. macaya, MAMC President and Dr. Archie La Madrid, the non-SDA VPMA orchestrated by use of force and abuse of authority several security guards and police forces around MAMC to await my arrival at MAMC and to prevent me from entering its premises. I am attaching to you the instructions given to the security staff by this administration. It is interesting to note that in the instruction, no letter head of MAMC was used and the signature only placed, the MANAGEMENT. No signatories as though to make an impression that they are afraid to sign such directives or perchance this incident leads to a legal moves, this will spare them of responsibility. Again, a tactic invented by MAcaya and La Madrid to bully and harrass me—their hallmark eversince this issue started. They are afraid to face the issues and problems but somehow they are successful in evicting doctors and colleagues—probably a skill macaya learned in his MBA Program—that awarded him a summa cum laude, and nobody dares confront them as those who would dare will be terminated just like me–the 5th victim to be removed in Macaya’s presidency. What an achievement!

Anyway, go over the attachment. The second attachment is a letter to patients looking for me at MAMC to convince them to see my other colleague in the hospital with the same field of specialty as i am–he is my good friend, Dr. Vicente Gan. Again, its signature denotes that they are afraid to sign it so they just put there, the management. Unfortunately, that did not work because my patients knows my mobile phone number so they called me why i am not there anymore. So i explained to my patients that it was Dr. Bibly Macaya and Dr. archie la madrid who orchestrated my removal from MAMC, so that i see them in a different clinic now. But when you asked the physical therapist staffs at MAMC, they were coached by La Madrid and Macaya that i am not connected at MAMC anymore and that they dont know my whereabouts. Sounds like a smart move, isnt it? As though  i am narrating a story here happening in some communist countries, but mind you this is the largest SDA hospital in the country–MAMC.

But you couldnt believe what happened next. The TV stations–ABSCBN called me by about 10am saying that they are on the way to MAMC to cover the situation there, followed by other TV stations. So i said, ok and i waited for them. I saw the big van of ABSCBN with radar on it and two other pick-up cars all of ABSCBN. So we prepared our way to MAMC. I was riding with them beside the reporter. Then we enter the hospital with the media right behind me with all their cameras on. When we approached the entrance door, the guards apprehended us asking us where we are going and i told them we are going to my office to get my things left there. So we went up and the guards and the policemen followed suit. While inside my office, i got some of my things but the others are missing. The reporter told me to stop in my office and then they started interviewing them. I presented to them the documents where the corruption of MAMC are, lots of them. After about 10-15 minutes of interview, we went down and proceeded to Dr. Macaya’s office to get his side. Suddenly, Dr. Macaya was nowhere to be found. He hid in his office with the door locked not ready to face the media. The reporter told me that the president is hiding. I was hoping he would say something for a balance report, but he did not. While this was on-going, Dr. Archie la Madrid came to the lobby of the hospital followed by his son, Dr. jay La Madrid and upon seeing me start shouting this way and i quote “putang ina mo!!! dito ka sa labas at tapusin na natin to” (its a profane statements against me) while his son positioned in an attempt to hit me if i get near them. I kept my cool and just watch them as one of my patient was beside me while i was in the lobby. I did not respond to them, but Dr. Archie La madrid keeps hurling those profane and poisonous words. Eventually, i asked the help of a friend to accompany me while i go out should Dr. La Madrid hit me and hurt me. I went out and the media continue their coverage of MAMC.

I gave them all the documents they needed and the media people cannot completely understand why an adventist institution can be so corrupt that our leaders would not resolve it. I told them that i have been patiently waiting for Pastor Gulfan to intervene but instead he kept his silence, so now the time has come for me to let go of this information to the media and let the people learn of what these leaders at MAMC are doing. Let me clarify here that i am not exposing the church here, i am exposing the fact that even as we plead to our leaders the sense of righteousness and justice, they are deaf to all these and it is fair enough that people have a proper understanding of what adventists is all about—that not everybody is a true adventist. We simply always tell our believers to forgive those who committed sins but are we making them accountable of the wrong thing that they do—that instead of resolving the crises at MAMC, they instead remove the whistleblower. That instead of making an investigation, they evict and terminate people. Is this christianity enough? Is this fair enough?

Meanwhile, we are still on the process of consolidating all the documents and evidences in cooperation with the media and you will soon see live on TV everything that our leaders neglected to resolve for many months now. We have been patiently waiting that our dear leaders resolve these, but instead they terminated us. How many more souls at MAMC will soon be terminated? How many more are threatened to come out fearing that when they come out, they will be terminated.

Let me say to our leaders–this is a lesson hard to learn, but this is how we learn things anyway. Lets learn the hard and difficult way. Probably, this is what you were wanting—you will get what you want. For so many months i have appealed for your attention–for justice and due process, but you were deaf. This time, you will be speechless as you see unfold before your eyes the very thing which you feared will come to you.

God bless us all and lets all learn this hard way if this is the best way for us.

Sincerely yours,

Jeimylo C. de Castro, MD

Time is running our for Pastor Gulfan?

I agree that time is running out for Pastor Gulfan to make corrective actions (i.e., having already passed the time for our requested and hoped for careful investigation by him!).  Thus having already been blocked entrance to his scheduled MAMC PT/Rehab Clinic once by one of Dr. Macaya’s personal bodyguards (plus two MAMC security officers) and later by a newly changed paddle lock on the clinic door, if Dr. de Castro has the PIC Press agents accompany him tomorrow to his scheduled MAMC PT/Rehab clinic, and if this occurs prior tomorrow’s wedding of which both Pastor Gulfan and Jim are sponsors, so be it.  However, as of tonight I remain hopeful that Jim will have the opportunity to request in person an appointment with SSD president for us on Tuesday.  If Jim is blocked out of his scheduled MAMC PT Rehab Clinic tomorrow while having PIC Press agents with him, and if he is unable to obtain a commitment for Pastor Gulfan to talk with us in his office on Tuesday, you are free to report your serious MAMC issues also.

As Health Director of the Far Eastern Division (later renamed Asia-Pacific Davison prior to being divided into Northern and Southern A-P Divisions) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church headquartered in Singapore, I traveled to the Marshall Islands to investigate a situation where a hospital medical director had forged another’s doctor’s signature as endorsement of a  check (and kept the money for himself).  I told the authorities there the same thing I believe, and will repeat now: If one of our missionaries acts like a crook, he must be treated as a crook.  We do not tolerate corruption; therefore, we are requesting a detective to go with us now to do a careful investigation.”  By that same evening, the medical director who had stolen hospital equipment and restricted drugs in addition to money was placed in jail!  Zero tolerance of corruption is essential.

Thus I have difficulty comprehending why nothing has been done by the AHSA Board Chairman to investigate and rectify several serious MAMC situations.  It is already many months (which in turn have stretched into years) since Pastor Alberto Gulfan was first notified of MAMC’s fraudulent activities in confiscating both yours and Dr. Gensolin’s physician fees (PFs) plus subsequently terminating your contracts without due process as provided for all medical staff members.  That was double trouble for both of you!  Although Dr. Jeimylo de Castro didn’t have his physician fees stolen, he is the most recent one being removed from MAMC medical staff without due process [thanks to Jim’s attempting to awaken Pastor Gulfan into conducting an investigation, and  taking corrective action(s) as SSD president, and thereby AHSA Board chairman].

If Pastor Gulfan fails to meet with us on Tuesday, it would appear that Jim and I have exhausted our attempts to awaken him to take corrective action(s).  Thus you will be free to utilize all other recourse avenues available to you—including both the Courts and the Press.  This indeed is a very sad day, and even more so if those two options are required now for you to receive justice when you should have been paid your PFs plus reinstated as a competent Board-certified Anesthesiologist long ago [since you were a MAMC medical staff member in good and regular standing ( i.e., never disciplined by the medical staff organization) when your PFs were stolen by MAMC, and inappropriately terminated for your insisting on being reimbursed when bank records revealed the truth of MAMC’s fraudulent actions!].

We shall continue to pray as you move ahead cautiously in your belated attempts to obtain your money as well as whatever else is appropriate for you as a competent professional at this late hour. 

Also please accept my personal apology for the way my fellow Adventist leaders have chosen to treat you.  Our God is alive and well so I have no doubt but that He will reward you for your faithfulness even while God’s ranking representatives continue to defraud and harass you.  I personally have found it the most painful emotionally when it is either a relative or a friend or a fellow church member or another Christian who gyps (cheats) me!  Thus I can appreciate your anguish when both Adventist healthcare and Church leaders have failed to provide restitution and justice for you [and others] after being mistreated badly while you served as a competent board-certified physician who was rendering tender loving quality patient care within an Adventist facility.

I wish that we honestly could say, Father, forgive them, for they know NOT what they do.”  However, in your case as well as in several other physicians’ cases, Mr. Donald Weidemann as well as Drs. Bibly Macaya and Archie LaMadrid know what was done and exactly what they are continuing to do!  Thus they need our prayers as does Pastor Gulfan. In leadership positions, which grants them some power and prestige, they also have sacred responsibilities to fulfill, and are held accountable to both God and man.

Thank you for your patience during these past months while I have done my best to awaken Pastor Gulfan to the seriousness of the mismanagement antics of the AHSA president who also serves as MAMC Board chairman.  Please continue to pray for all of us who are attempting to restore MAMC to its prior respected and non-corrupt status as the well-known  Manila Sanitarium and Hospital.


Turmoil at MAMC

Dear Pastor Gulfan and the entire adventist worldwide,

I am breaking my silence again until having to wait for several days of waiting for the actions of leaders to intervene in this issue. I have to thank ninang lyn dilag for all the advise she gave me and would like also to forward this to you for you to see the complete picture of all the turmoil at MAMC. According to Pastor Gulfan he has no intention of resolving this crises for two reasons. One is that in his mind, this problem at MAMC is already considered solved and second, as he said, he has more important things to do that as yet required more immediate attention than that of MAMC.

It is surprising that even as we have made efforts to call the attention of the leaders, they have not acted anything as yet.

The things that happened to me since thursday can be found below. Please follow it up. But what is even more surprising is the fact that Bibly has determined to prevent me from entering MAMC. Last Friday when i passed by MAMC, the guards told me that Dr. Macaya has instructed them to prevent me from entering MAMC. But since there was no formal memo, they cannot execute it. They told me that they have to await the memo from Dr. Macaya before they can do it. It is really unfortunate, instead of resolving the crises, the “whistleblower” are instead persecuted. I wonder if those with similar concerns just like me would dare do it after me. Obviously, most of them if not all of them would be afraid as most of them does not have choice where to work.

It must be clear also that when this harrassment happened this week that we were making efforts to talk to Dr. Macaya but instead what happened was, Dr. Macaya instructed the guards to prevent me from entering. We tried reaching pastor Roque but he said he is too busy. I hope he finds time resolving this crises as he is also the co-chair of the MAMC Board of Trustees thus making him a part of the decision to permanently evict me from MAMC. If Pastor Roque is not aware that i was removed as his wife seemed innocent of what is happening when i met her in church today during the commitment service then it is even more unfortunate because it is possible to evict someone without the knowledge of the co-chair in the person of Pastor Roque.

I hope our leaders realize what they are doing while they listen to the message of Pastor Dennis Smith regarding the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It has blessed me and for the first time i saw Dr. Macaya attend the commitment service today in Pasay English Church. I wonder whether it has made a difference in him on what he is doing to oppress me and harrass me. Tomorrow is another day and he might as well ordered the guard to harrass me again when i go there.

In all of this turmoil at MAMC, i am praying that our leaders will really realize what they are doing—because it does not speak well of a christian adventist institution. I would like to rather forgive Dr. Macaya and his cohorts for this harrassment done to me. I wish what he is doing would not go back to him. It is always safe to rest in the hands of God. God bless you all.

Jeimylo C. de Castro, MD

Trouble at MAMC

Hi Elfrie,

This is the first time that they closed the PT DEpt where i am holding office. It was an order made by the non-SDA VPMA,Dr. Archie La Madrid at the expense of the in-patients who should have been treated at that time. That action marks the intensity of what they wish to do to me and even if they sacrifice the patient but for as long as they can do something to prevent me from entering MAMC, they will do it. In fact, last thursday, i was expecting Bibly to agree to meet me with other leaders to resolve this crises, but he did not, instead, he ordered the guards further to prevent me from entering MAMC. See my story in my other emails. The fact remains that he has no intention of giving me due process.

Anyway, i do not know any information with regards to those persons you mentioned. My father was born in Romblon and my mother from Masbate, but we grew up in LEgaspi City in Albay. I went thru AUP during my premed and presently i am helping AUP start their planned hospital building. I am actively involve in that project because Dr. Saban, as AUP President is honest and is doing great as contrast to Dr. Macaya. But in fairness to Dr. Macaya he started well, but since he allied with the non-SDA VPMA, Dr. Archie La Madrid, things have significantly changed and our mission at MAMC has been lost. It is no longer the right hand of the three angels’ messages. Its a sad state. But anyway, lets all pray for our leaders. We need that very badly. We are still hopeful this is God’s work and God knows best and at the right time, He will act His will on us. God bless you more.