Trouble at Manila Adventist Medical Center

Dear Pastor Gulfan and the entire Seventh Day Adventist community,


It would take forever to discuss the endless issues at MAMC if our adventist leaders expect things to settle naturally. There is no such thing as natural healing here unless all these issues at mamc are properly resolved. It pains my heart as i see these things happen. I could only pray that in God’s own time things will be resolved. Our leaders consolation at MAMC is nothing but to look for answers with their lawyers. Even Don Weidemann could not move without his good lawyer Atty Paguio. In that Board meeting last January 17,2007, the Boards recommendation is to confer with me through Don Weidemann only. That is why one of the Board members who told me (if you want his identity i  will tell you at the proper time) said that we did not imply that Don seek legal services, but he was surprised why Don gets a lawyer with him. It only shows that Don is more secured with his lawyer than with ministers with him. What a sad state, my dear leaders to see that our trusted delegated authorities are abusing and misusing their rights.

Let me raise another issue here. And more after this!

Today, will start the implementation of group practice of anesthesia dept headed by the non-SDA head, Dr. Vivian La madrid, the wife of the powerful non-SDA VPMA Dr. Archie La Madrid. And to your info, there was no memo given to medical staff to that effect. Why? They are afraid to face questions to be raised by the medical staff members if they convene anytime as a whole. Please review my email yesterday about the scheme.

Also, in the following days, i will furnish you copies of the list of all dept heads in MAMC who are not adventists knowing that at present we have enough qualified adventist doctors to head such departments. In the past we excuse them saying that we have no available adventist doctors to head such dept but not now as we have enough of them already.

Why do we need adventist doctors as dept heads? Because basically we can address properly our health mission considering that this is a missionary hospital with a different mission as compared to secular big hospitals whose primary aim is to commercialized treatments of patients, at least that is the basic direction of those hospitals, although surprisingly these secular hospitals are even directed to patients needs more than ours when we used to be the best in health services in the past. Also, why adventist doctors as head? So that we can express our faith more with our colleagues and strengthen our influence as adventist to our patients and colleagues as well and eventually to our community. The typical effect of having this hospital be led by non-SDAs is what you are seeing now with the leadership of Dr. Bibly Macaya.

IN the coming days, i will also show you how a modified fee for service patients are shifted to private by this non-SDA VPMA Dr. Archie La Madrid in a scanned documents. And many more.

I am then urging all adventist leaders to act on those non-SDAs occupying such a high position in this hospital so that our health message may soon be properly shared to all our patients and colleagues. I would like to assure all of you that for as long as injustice and immorality prevails in this healthcare institution, i will not stop sending you all these emails. Interestingly however more and more people are volunteering so much information that sometimes i could not just email it to you right away. With regards to the question of Dr. Bibly Macaya where i get those info–i would like to tell him that those same conscientious people whom he places in the hospital are the same people that are giving me these information. Why cant he know them? Because they are afraid Dr. Macaya and his non-SDA VPMA close friend and ally will terminate them as he did to me, unjustly, unfairly and without due process. And i will not stop talking anout this injustices until such time that everything is in place at MAMC and all those wronged have been restituted and restored to their proper and original position. In the name and spirit of justice and fairness, we continue to cry on top of our voice and in silence we pray that God will give wisdom to our leaders to be able to see what have they been doing to us to oppress and persecute us just like what Solomon said in Ecclesiastes. I hope Dr. Macaya understands the quarterly lesson as he teaches his class in Pasay English Church surprisingly beside where i am sitting in church too. I hope Dr. Macaya being an elder of of the Pasay English Church will realize what he is doing. what injustice and oppression and persecution he has been doing. Let us continue to pray for them and let me just assure you that although he has not asked for it, i already forgave him. God bless all of you, pastor Gulfan!


Jeimylo C. de Castro, MD


4 thoughts on “Trouble at Manila Adventist Medical Center

  1. Jesse del Campo

    MAMC – is this a school or a recruitment center for SDA? Why do you have to force your religion to your students? MAMC should mention this to possible candidates/students before they give you their money so they don’t waste their time and money. Not everybody agrees to your principle and beliefs and MAMC should respects that same as other religions tolerates SDA. Your strategy is a scam and it is sad that some students even have to fake their conversion just so they can do internship. This seems to be an act of desperation in your part, I don’t remember hearing this method of recruitment 10 years ago. This only seemed to be a Philippine strategy because it is not like that here in the US. I was told that you also have to be an SDA to work in this facility, sad, sad, sad because SDA’s are not the only ones that wants to help people.

    Don’t get me wrong, I was born SDA up to college until I saw the real light. I still have a lot of relatives practicing the religion but quite a bit of us have moved on.

  2. John

    This institution has nothing to do with SDA’s beliefs. Don’t look to people and management. I will pray for you brother. Godbless. John.

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