Expired Anesthesia medicine

This is the first of the series of documents stating the expired anesthesia medicines which is part of the deal done by the Manila Adventist Medical Center (MAMC) leaders as reported and documented by Dr. Azaula, an anesthesiologist herself.

Dr. Bibly Macaya and Dr. La Madrid were so furious knowing this was reported. The remaining bottle of expired anesth medicines is still intact. If you want to know more of this, let me know so you can see.

When MAMC leaders suspected it was hidden in the previous office of Dr. Gensolin at MAMC, they break open part of the door but unfortunately that bottle was not hidden there. This is part of the document we submitted to Pastor Gulfan’s office but up to this time, no investigation was done yet, but instead the MAMC Board of Trustees terminated us, namely Dr. Gensolin, Pozon and me.

How sad this state of MAMC!!! Please pray for MAMC leaders in your private prayers. More documents will follow and I am sure more oppression and persecution will follow against us while we pursue to show you these issues not acted upon by our SSD leaders.

Also, please pray for Pastor Roque as he will be the next leader who will eventually oversee MAMC one AHSA will be given up. In the Southern Philippines AHSA-controlled hospitals quitted from AHSA and is now under the Union Conference. Thats a breakthrough for us. Thanks God for that move.

Incident Report

December 16, 2003. On or about 11:00 AM Dr. Joseph Gulfan had a case I & D face right at GU room. I was the anesthesiologist. Upon induction, I administered Tramadol 100 mg IV, Fresofol 100 mg IV, Esmeron 30 mg IV and I opened the vaporizer Sevoflurane to 8% patient still moves his legs. I ordered to give Fresofol 50 mg IV and then intubated the patient. Operation started, I noticed the patients heart rate was increasing the Sevoflurane vaporizer was at 6%. I increased it to 8% but still the patient was tachycardic as if awake, so I opted to give fentanyl 50 mg IV and another 50 mg IV and Esrnolol 5 mg IV, The heart rate was maintained 118-125 beats/min. The operation lasted for one hour, I tried to ponder and questioned myself why the. Patient was having tachycardia despite the fact that Sevoflurane as the inhalational anesthetic and at 6%- 8%, patient must have been in deep anesthesia.

Today, December 18, 2003 I have a patient and preparing her for possible general anesthesia. Sevoflurane vaporizer was refilled by the operating room circulating nurse. I noticed the label on the expiry date was November 2003, hence expired.

Prepared by Lorna Azaula-Felicen MD

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