PAL passenger… oops…

Ooops… please don't jump into some 'conclusions" without knowing the facts.

You are correct: the passenger was not wearing a seatbelt when the accident happened. Why? Because she was at the REST ROOM. Is there a SEAT BELT at the plane Rest Room? Did you find one when you take those planes from Manila to San Francisco and back?

Did not comply with the warning lights? Wrong either. There was NO warning lights when she went to the rest room. (That's according to her affidavit….)

But before anything else… let us wait for the story.


One thought on “PAL passenger… oops…

  1. LYN

    Super engot itong nagsasabi tungkol sa passenger na napilayan sa PAL.Kasi wala rin siyang initiative ng
    hindi naiisip ang rest room.walang seatbelt sa toilet period.

    Baka kamag-anak siya ng PAL kaya he defend the side of the PAL and not the poor passenger.At saka bakit wala
    nga pala silang medical assistant or anybody that can able to apply a first aid or aid the injured passenger?

    Ano ba sila nagtitipid ng pambayad sa MEDIC?


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