Too good to be true

Too Good to be TRUE…
By Jaypie S. Singque
Saudi Arabia

Luck comes at a time when you least expect it.
Sometimes you wish for something you need most but you
don’t get it.

God works miraculously. He knows your need even before
you ask for it. Sometimes he deprives you of your
necessities so you would appreciate what you already

I want to tell you a story about helping others. When
you help others you don’t expect something in return.
But there is someone up there who also knows your

I am currently working as a contract worker here in
Saudi Arabia. But even if I’m already far away home, I
never lost communication with my friends and loved
ones back home.

One day, I received an email from one of our regular
yahoogroup members and I was shocked to find out that
one of our batch mates in BASAP was killed in a
vehicular accident.

While reading the letter, tears start to swell in my
eyes. A friend told me once that you can give smile to
anybody but tears are only shed for someone close to
your heart.

Report said that my very good friend was riding his
motorcycle on his way home on C5 after a grueling
eight-hour night work (He’s a call center agent) when
his motorcycle skidded off the highway. He was
pronounced dead on arrival at Hospital ng Makati on
April 26, 2006.

Reminiscing the good old days we shared together as
schoolmates, I could not concentrate on my work. I was
really perplexed as to why this happened to my friend.

At night, I could hardly sleep. I could not believe
that this selfless and jolly person would be taken
away from us. We lost a true friend while his family
lost a generous breadwinner.

In my own little way, I thought of sending money to
his family. But I’m also as broke as they are because
I have not received yet my first paycheck. One of my officemates readily lent me a small amount, knowing that I could be helping a family in need.

I emailed one of our yahoogroup members and asked her
how I could send money. She gave me her account number
and I immediately send the money.
Thinking of how I could raise money for my family, I
thought of the idea of raffling off my Nokia 6680 cell
phone, using the last two-digit winning numbers in the
Thailand lottery. Out of the 100 numbers, 90 of them
were taken.

Before the draw day, my officemate said that the cell
phone will go to someone who needs it most. To which I
replied: Maybe I will win because I need money.

While we were riding a bus on our way to office,
somebody said that the winning numbers in the Thailand
lottery was 5-5-4. When I checked the betting card,
number 54 was not taken, which means that I can keep
my cell phone and at the same time I have the money.

You see… God works in mysterious ways. I gave a little
but he returned it three-fold.

Please pass to your friends so they would know how God
works miraculously.