Discipline vs. corruption

The word DISCIPLINE is always in my mind that I think is the answer for the corruption in the Philippines. I agree with you in all you said about the the way they run things in the US but the only reason laws and policies are being followed is because of americans obey them. They would rather sleeps on gutters than steal from other people. That's what you call discipline. To have changes in Philippines is to start installing this virtue to our children and hope that the new leaders of the government will be able to change and stop stealing from the poor. — Jo Garcia.

rene pamintuan <renepams@yahoo.com> wrote:  While i was in the US for some months, i learned and experienced a lot of things over there. One of them is the way they run their businesses, and that includes the government.
 First of all, there is this strong pull for everyone to do their best in whatever they do. Blue collar jobs there are not considered patsy, and there is a strong sense of job integrity: you are respected so long as you are working, no matter what. There is that strong cultural bias for excellence in doing one's work, and you could see it translating down the line to the lowest of the totem pole in any organization.
 This bias for excellence leads to a bias for efficiency. Not only is labor expensive, but also that they have to be productive with the resources that are being harnessed to accomplish certain jobs. Now, efficiency simply means doing more at less time and less resources being spent.
 Workers strive to accomplish as much as they can, without spending too much off time and breaktimes. There is no need to prompt them to return to work soonest the breaktimes are over, and the sense of work in so strong that even Pinoys have turned away from their usual ways and accomplish more than they would in the motherland.
 Everyone expects everyone to do his task without the need of being told. Of course, they are also known for dropping whatever they are doing when the 5pm clock chimes, but that is only because they have given their best during the working times expected of them. So there is nothing wrong with full rest after a hard days work.No one can begrudge them for taking rest after office and work hours.
 Enter the bank and you will find one of the best examples of efficiency. In front of the cashier/clerk is an electronic gadget that reads your ATM, whereupon the clerk begins to type on his computer as she asks you how much you intend to withdraw. There is no paper being used as you do this, and only the computer receipt of the transaction just done is given. All done in a couple of seconds.
 One can pay your bills successfully through online banking. And everyone is being pushed by the bank to be online. I think they have figured that this will bring about faster interaction, less manpower to pay, less turnover of papers from one hand to another, and lesser queaus at the bank teller desk. In the Philippines, my favorite bank told me that to enrol in internet banking, they would only do so if you have an outstanding deposit on the average at PHP1million monthly. Why they have to come up with such a restriction and disallow internet banking is beyond me. In fact, they should be pushing for such to cut on their costs. Since they are doing it already for some millionaires, that means they have a system in place working already, and simply offering it to more depositors and customers means covering a greater field more efficiently, and i dont think that would add up costs to that.
 Using the internet banking is so efficient and good because it saves you time money and effort to go to the bank, or send your messenger to do your banking for you, saving on pamasahe. The bank confirms electronically the transaction, hence it is safe and fast.
 At the DMV, if you already have a driver's license, and there are no administrative violations, DMV writes you a congratulatory letter asking you to pay the statement they enclosed to renew your license without having to go to the DMV offices anymore. One can send his checkpayment with the statement, and in one week you will receive your updated new license through mail at your address. Wow, isnt that a good idea? You dont have to line up the whole day, miss your work for a day, pay pamasahe and transportation expenses, additional meal expenses, and generally you are unefficient for the day that you do so.
 Here when you get home, the license is already at your mailbox and you didnt miss on any earning opportunity out there.
 I was caught by cops for overspeeding. They mailed me my case trial date and place and time, but it says if i do not wish to contest the violation ticket, then just for me to send the check payment and that would be enough to cancel the hearing, considered closed the case, although it will lead to higher insurancecosts from thereon. On the other hand, as part of the penalty, one may opt to attend a Driving School for 3 days, and that would erase the entry that makes your insurance premium go sky-high. Very efficient too.

 Public transport is also efficient. The Bus stops are marked so, that you do not expect the bus to stop anywhere else, but only at the Bus Stop. So everyone begins to line up at the Bus Stop, waiting patiently for it to come and begin to load passengers. It comes in and out on time right at the minute's time, and the tickets are FOR THE DAY'S USAGE and can be used several times with all the buses, trains, LRT during the day. One need only flash the ticket to the driver and they would let you in already. Of course the transportation system is owned by MUNI(in san francisco)hence buying one ticket is acceptable to all public transport(except the taxis). What efficiency!

 I think if we all practise the CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE and wishing to make out the BEST in what we do(as against our Filipino culture of PWEDE NA YAN)  we should be moving forward, always. WE will always find a better way of doing things, rather than a better way of making one over the other. Doing so would reduce the incidence and propensity of government people to make graft money. There is no grease money needed to make things run, hence if there are no long queaus of people out there, there is less interaction that makes the need for graft money such an interesting activity for government people.

 rene pamintuan


by Raul Venzon 

I just returned from my annual vacation, a very short 30 days
vacation. This is my 3rd year now as an OFW after working for more
than 20 years in our beloved land and when no local employers would
like to hire an over 40 years old job seeker.
It's quite difficult being away from our family esp. to us Filipinos
who are closely attached to our loved ones. Homesickness is the
biggest problem that most of us has experienced. A day after I
arrived here, I spoke to my wife over the phone and she's crying.
She said the day when they send me to the airport she don't want to
get inside our house because she's so sad that I'm not there
anymore. In the morning she don't want to stand up from the bed
because there's nobody that she'll prepare for a cup of coffee
anymore. She has not washed the shirt that I wore in the last day
when i'm still there she said she's still smelling it at night when
she sleeps. While she's telling me this my tears kept on falling
from my eyes. That's how we sacrifice in order to earn and support
our family. That's what I'm always telling to my children, to value
the hardships while working here in the foreign land, to study hard
so that when they'll be finished we will be relinguished from our
obligation to them and we can rest and experience comfort to our
lives. My youngest son will start his college degree this coming
school year so I'll still be working for 5 more years until he'll be
finished. So to all OFWs who has similar experience like me, be
strong and be tough we should always ask God's guidance in order to
achieve our goals/objectives here. God bless to all!