I was hoping this forum can be a venue where we pinoys can talk
about how we can address this embarrassing issue of corruption in
our society. Let us start with the issue of jueteng. How can we
put a stop to this when authorities who are supposed to enforce the
law are influenced by patronage politics? It has gone to the extent
where we even have to demand a President to step down as he himself
has dipped his hand into the kitty. But the rigmarole has been
shown to be what it is, a power struggle of the high and mighty to
show who is in control. The whistleblower is himself a gambling
lord of his own bailiwick and nobody dares to stop him. The high
command of the PNP has issued a warning to cut the heads of
provincial commanders in areas where the game still gets played.
But the game still continues despite this. We all know that
official declarations only serve the purpose of feeding the media
with news as a smokescreen. They still allow the game to be
played. Let's face it. It is a mother lode that supports them as
the government pay cannot support their lifestyle.

Another is the issue of payolas in awarding civil works contracts.
The same system as the jueteng payola. Contractors know who to
include in their payrolls so that juicy contracts can be awarded to

At the Bureau of Customs,allowing smuggling is still a lucrative
source for customs agents.

To address issues such as those cited above, ang bagong pinoy
movement faces a tremendous challenge akin to Don Quixote's battle
against the windmill.

Paul Q. Baquirin