Honest people

by Romy Cayetano

I travel to the Philippines once or twice a year for vacation and visit relatives. In one of my vacation, I left a digital camera and a camcorder on our dining table at a restaurant in the Pangpanga area. I probably was gone for about 45 minutes when i realize that i left my digital and camcorder, worth at least $700.00,  at the restaurant. I hurriedly went back to the restaurant and ask the manager if anybody turn in a digital and camcorder, and fortunately somebody did and when i offered the manager 1000 pesos for their honesty, the manager politely decline and she mention that one of the restaurant patrons gave it to her and it just her duty to return it to the rightful owner..Their a lot of honest people in our country no matter what people say.

  Another experience of mine was when i was at the wet market buying vegetables.  I was not too familiar with the philippine money and i bought a vegetable from of the child vendor and the cost was 15 pesos, so i thought i handed the child 100 pesos, but i handed her 1000 pesos, and i told her to keep the change..And she said ok. then i proceeded to another vendor. After 5 minutes, the child vendor, handed me back the change and she said, this is to much "sir." I said, i just gave you 100 pesos, but no sir, you gave me 1000 pesos.. there are a lot honest people in our country no matter what people say.