A helping hand

by Iya

A few nights back, I was coming home from a Rotary meeting around 10:30pm and my car battery conked out. Good thing I was parked in front of Pugon Bakery which was open 24 hours. Not knowing what to do, I simply informed the tanods outside Pugon that my car wouldn't start (and it's probably the battery) and I just stayed inside as I phoned for help. After maybe 5 minutes, this lady approached my car and asked me "You need help?". I told her my situation and she said she and her husband can "series" their car battery with mine. Her husband pulled up in this awkwardly narrow space beside my car and took care of everything. He started my car while his wife kept their engine running. When my battery still wasn't charging he told me he could try removing his battery from their car and put it in mine. He went through the hassle of it all until my car started. I thanked them. They didn't ask for anything in return and told me that they're glad to help. They even texted me to advise me on
what to do next.

I will never forget how they PROACTIVELY offered help.
I will never forget how they DID EVERYTHING they could to help me--from moving their car near mine, to starting my engine, to searching for my tools to remove the batteries, to shedding sweat to unscrew my tightly fastened battery, to actually making my car run.
I will never forget how they DID NOT ASK FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN
I will never forget how THEY EVEN FOLLOWED UP ON WHAT I HAVE TO DO next.
I will never forget their NAMES- Bing and Enrico Gaw.

I told them I will write about this experience and pass it on to you and to the young people I mold so that they will have real stories of real people we can look up to...and that THEY TOO WILL NOT FORGET.

I asked for their card. Their business is called URBANA LOFT ART with showroom at the Podium. Their website is www.gallery7online.com.

I hope they succeed in life. Well, God will surely bless them and people like them.

May this story bring back your faith in Filipinos.