Wanted: Creative individuals by Jay

Indiegifilm Co. Ltd. Is looking for very creative individuals with a
passion for weaving very good, original stories into film.  This
summer's project, MEAN WELL, will be filmed on the weekends only, and
in and around Quezon City.  Please read the synopsis below.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of working on this
low/no-budget independent digital production as a director, producer,
director of photography, editor, or production staff alongside other
passionately creative individuals, then do send inquiries to
jaybeecc@gmail.com or to indiegifilm@yahoogroups.com and attach your
contact information.

Thank you very much.
-jb Corrioso
Indiegifilm Co. Ltd.

Two devils, Elvie and Andy, go through an apartment building complex
in search of an angel-sent-down-to-earth-to
human-life to tempt and gain points from so as to win the annual
contest for devils, the winner of which gets one wish granted.
Elvie, the more senior of the two, wants to level-up and get her own
demon minions; while Andy, a relatively-recent "fallen", would wish
to be able to get back into heaven.  Unbeknownst to Andy, his low
level doesn't qualify him for the contest and Elvie is just using him
to get more points.  As they search for the angel-sent-down-to-earth-
-life, they try to tempt the tenants of
the building- with mixed results.

Who among the building tenants is the angel-sent-down-to-earth-to-
-life?!?  Which devil will get a wish
granted?!?  Will everyone
go to hell?!?