Juan vs. Jamby by Bobby Fernandez

  On the news was a battle between one of the giants of the Philippine  scene,  Madrigal and enrile.  Ms. Madrigal  ,  a  lady and a politician, a daughter of one of the well to do families in  the Philippines,   was maltreated by enrile,  an old   S.O.B.
  I call juan ponce enrile an old S.O.B. because he really is. 
  An old friend of the marcoses, he has garnered a lot of wealth from  coniving with the greatest traitor the Philippines had ever seen.
  Personally I distrust this old crony,  he is the  devil  himself,  in disguise. I hope and pray that we bring him down from  his thrown,  this old trapo and use him as an example to all bad  politicians, that evil does not win over good.
  To Ms. Madrigal,  I for one ,  believe in what you say about  him.  May you be brave and keep up the preassure to take this old  S.O.B. out of politics and out of the country, if it needed be.
  I think enrile stooped down too low for allowing himself fight with a  woman and make her cry in front of everybody. For what he did,   probably might have created invisible enemies.  He has gone too  far and has done too many awfull things.
  For accusing of the old Madrigals of lounging and partying with the old  dictator during the marcos’s time,  did he not enjoy it himself  while he was the Defence minister ?  Why will he know Madrigal was  at the marcos parties  if he was not there himself ?
    TSK tsk tsk enrile. Don’t you fear God in your old age?  May God have mercy on your soul ..—